Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tricajus - Trica Juice - Miracle Juice

As-salam. I would like to share with all of you a great and tasty health supplement called TRICAJUS. My husband and I have been consuming this product for quite some times and we have noticed a better quality in our lives and health. Remember people, a supplement is not when you are ill but it is for healthy people like us, as a prevention before the illness comes.

We both totally agrees that this product is better than gambir because both husband and wife can consume besides able to increase our health and active lifestyle. It tastes even better, like a lemon tea. It is highly recommended for man and women from the age of late 30s and above. STRICTLY NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDERAGE AND PREGNANT LADIES. 

RM 130 PER BOX (15 sachets) 
Introductory price ~ you can buy our loose pack package. Normally we only sell by boxes. So, for introduction and trial to your body, you can purchase at RM 30.00 only for 3 sachets. And more, you can start feeling the difference to your body..."tak percaya? cubalah dulu ;-) "

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